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About Us

Downingtown Chiropractor Inspires Transformation of Life For Kids and Families

A wellness check for a newborn infant

Live Pure Chiropractic has understood the philosophy that health and healing comes from within. Our bodies have the innate ability to heal from within when free from nerve interference. With our focus on pediatrics & families, we help transform the lives of children and families and are certain to help build a healthier community in Downingtown.

Passion for Pediatrics

Our advanced pediatric training allows us to help with challenging pediatric cases such as ADD/ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder, as well as more common conditions such as colic, ear infections, allergies, and asthma.explains Dr. Tony Miller.  We are meant to express life and health, and chiropractic care can give your child and family the greatest opportunity to experience life”.

Life-changing Mission

Help your child heal naturally with chiropractic care. Contact us today and schedule an appointment that fits into your busy lifestyle.

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