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Insight Millennium Subluxation Station

The Insight Millennium is certified by the Space Foundation

The Insight Millennium is certified by the Space Foundation

We live our lives through our nervous system. Our nervous system is called the master system because it controls and coordinates every function of the body, our ability to adapt and our physical and emotional responses. We use state of the art technology to specifically assess the function and adaptability of you and your child’s nervous system.These scans are painless, have no radiation and they show you specifically where interference to the nervous system is occurring.

Heart Rate Variability

The Heart Rate Variability test (also called Pulse Wave Profiler) is a measure of the Autonomic Nervous System. This is a part of the Nervous System that “governs involuntary action” (Webster’s) like organ and gland function, which includes things like blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, hormone levels, energy levels, digestion, and healing ability. 

The Autonomic Nervous System is further divided into two parts, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic, which are seen on your test results.The Sympathetic part is where you get your “Fight or Flight Response” from.The Parasympathetic part calms and relaxes, and is known for helping you “Rest and Digest”.On your scan, you’ll find a small white box somewhere on this picture. This box represents the health of your Autonomic Nervous System.Optimally, your white box should be in this green area.


The further away from this area, the more stress and wear-and-tear you are experiencing. You are also less likely to heal.

The left and right sides of this chart are labeled “Sympathetic” and “Parasympathetic” for a reason. Your result may show that you are off to one side instead of being in the middle near the “100” line. The best way to explain this is through a simple analogy:

If you are more to the “Sympathetic” side, your body is in a “Fight or Flight” response. Think chaos.This is like flooding our city or our nation with all kinds of defense like Navy Seals and Green Berets. The more you are to the left of the chart, the more significant the influx of these special forces until your body is basically operating as a Police State. Everything is on High Alert. Everything is stressed. Think about it, can you really heal when your are always in a state of stress?



Each color represents differing amounts of nervous system disturbance.

Surface EMG

Surface Electromyography measures the minute amounts of electrical energy in the muscles along your spine. Subluxations disturb the function of the nervous system. This can produce too much or too little electrical activity in your muscles. We use this highly-accurate, non-invasive scan to document your progress. It’s more accurate than how you feel.

Thermal Scan

As you’d expect, this measures temperature. When there are disturbances to your nervous system along the spine, there are often temperature differences from side to side. This is due to inflammation and changes in blood flow. Our thermal scan is non-invasive and reveals the condition of your autonomic nervous system controlling your organs, glands and circulatory system.



Sample COREscore

COREscore Report

The COREscore is made up of three of the most specific nervous system assessments. The HRV, Surface EMG and Thermal Scan tell us how much stress and interference  is in the nervous system and tells us how well your body can ADAPT to its environment and respond appropriately to the stresses that you encounter, just like how we shiver to keep warm if we step into the cold. If you don’t Adapt, your body breaks down.

One of the most powerful things you can do to help this happen is to make sure that your Nervous System is operating without interference, so that it can communicate optimally and help your body to Adapt as quickly as possible. Your chiropractic adjustments are designed to remove interference within the spine to help your delicate nerves operate better.