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Reviews for Live Pure Chiropractic

We understand that what others say about us can help you make the right choice for you and for your family. Review a selection of Live Pure Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please contact us if you have any questions.

All I Could Ask For

Dr Tony and Emily are amazing! They make you feel so comfortable and not just another patient. They truly know and care about each and every person that walks through their doors. My daughter has been seeing Dr Tony for a couple months. Diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. We are amazed with the progress and improvements in behavior, less tantrums, confidence, self aware and the most important…. “she’s happy and enjoying every moment”. I hated feeling like she just hated everything… I do not feel that way anymore. She’s relaxed and happy… all I could ask for. Thank you!

A New Perspective on Health

Dr. Tony and Emily are a rare find in the world today. They are excellent listeners and have your best interest and optimal health in mind. In one short month, my core score has improved by 9 points. I feel more well rested and clear minded than I have in years. I was also able to discontinue use of my blood pressure medication! Live Pure Chiropractic gave me a new perspective on what it means to be truly healthy. I am very grateful for their presence in the community.

I Found Hope

Having never been to a chiropractor, I honestly didn’t know what to expect during our initial visit. Mentally I was stressed and emotionally I was overwhelmed, simply because of the uncertainty around the situation. But, I felt confident in both my research and my referral and within seconds of entering the door, I just had a feeling everything was going to be OK. I found two people who weren’t judgmental of our situation and our choices up until this point, and for the first time in over two years, I also found hope. Thank you for taking the time to truly listen and for providing the guidance and explanations I needed to feel comfortable with the upcoming journey my daughter is embarking upon. I am very grateful to have found your practice. I have always told my daughter that she was not born to live a mediocre life, and now with your help, I feel she is one big step closer to experiencing greatness.

We Feel As If We Are Friends

Tony and his wife are a wonderful team and made my daughter and I feel so welcomed and hopeful about the care my daughter is going to receive. They are so easy to get in touch with or ask questions. You can even ask a question through text and get a response same day. I also want to add that every time I visit the practice with my daughter we feel as if we are friends and not just another patient walking through the door.

Increase in Confidence in Our Kids

Our twin boys were diagnosed with Developmental Delays at 18 months of age. They immediately started in Early Intervention and then graduated into receiving services from the CCIU and now both continue to get help in Kindergarten at their elementary school. Throughout their services, they were also diagnosed with an expressive language delay and SPD and ASD. From a very young age, we have done everything that we knew about, to make sure our boys have had all of the help they need.

For a long time, we have been working on coping, as a family, with things like sensory overload, sensory meltdowns, frustration, social anxiety, constant hyperactivity and stimming behaviors. When someone suggested to my husband and I that we should prepare ourselves that medication may be in our boys’ future, we decided that maybe we weren’t doing everything we could for our little guys. It was at that point that my sister pointed me towards attending The Perfect Storm workshop. We decided that night to move forward with getting help from Dr. Tony.

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We have seen some really positive changes since we started adjustments. And we also decided that the whole family could benefit from them. But most specifically, we’ve seen our boys be much better equipped to cope with their sensory issues. They are no longer having meltdowns from sensory issues. We’ve seen massive improvements in their attitudes, their willingness to participate in new things and their sleep. The constant “humming and noise” that once filled our house has been lessened. We’ve noticed that they are able to sit for longer periods of time and deal with situations much better, that might make them uncomfortable. The biggest reward of all, has been the increase in confidence that we’ve noticed in our kids. Nothing beats that.

They Explain the “Why”

Dr. Tony and his wife are a treasure. They take the time to explain the why behind their practice, the why behind their findings and then have the capability to heal lifelong wounds.

Seen Dramatic Improvement

We came to them initially to get help with our 9 year old daughter and have found they were able to help multiple family members. I am a math guy so I appreciate the measurements and progress updates. We have seen dramatic improvement in our daughter’s wellbeing, and are starting to see results for other members who started later. They are fair in their pricing and truly seek to serve their patients. I am hopeful they find this area successful, as they are a real gift to the Chester County community.

He has improved so much!

We were hoping this would help him catch up, particularly with speech development. He has improved so much. His behavior has gotten better and his speech continues to improve everyday! There was a point where I couldn’t take him places because of his tantrums. We can now go places and live normally.

Sensory Processing Disorder & Anxiety

Our daughter is better able to cope with situations that would normally “set her off”! Now rather than throwing herself on the floor when being told “No” to something, she gets upset but gets over it more easily and quickly.

Our son would not be where he is today without Dr. Tony!

At 5 months old my son Arlo was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms. After failing the intense “frontline” treatment for this rare and catastrophic seizure disorder I researched chiropractic and how it can help in seizure reduction and cure. In my search I came across Dr. Tony’s name. I immediately called and scheduled an appointment with Emily. Dr. Tony was the first doctor to tell us Arlo was going to be “just fine”, after being told time and time again he would have vision, speech and cognitive impairment as well as be on the autism spectrum. Arlo is now 10 months old and since we began taking him to Dr. Tony he has begun rolling, putting his hands in his mouth, babbling, making eye contact and most importantly, Arlo’s seizures have been reduced by about 75% and he is now having normal brain activity! Although Arlo is still significantly delayed we know he is on the right path and well on his way to catching up! He would not be where he is today without Dr. Tony!

ADHD & Asthma

We have noticed that Ashley is more self-directed than ever before and she is finally enjoying reading. She has also been less sick this fall than ever in her life.

Help with Autoimmune Conditions

I was in non-stop pain, GI distress, weakness, fatigue, severe headaches. I was even told that I couldn’t have children because of the damage it had caused. The medical doctors put me on medication to help ease the symptoms. Dr. Tony explained that autoimmune conditions and other “diseases” are caused by pressure on the spinal cord by the spinal bone and removing this pressure through chiropractic adjustments should help the condition. So, that’s what I decided to do. All my other doctors laughed at me and said that I would be darkening their door in a matter of months. I noticed improvement after 6 weeks and when I went for routine blood work 1 year later, the doctors couldn’t find any sign of the disease ever being in my body. Not only was I symptom free but I was totally cured from a disease that was deemed “un-cureable”. I’ve been under chiropractic care for 4 years and not only am I getting stronger and healthier.

I Really Can’t Thank You Enough

So I initially went to Dr. Tony to get my regular alignment as I had for years. He was new in town, so I’m giving this a try.Dr. Tony asked a lot of questions about my physical being. I told him I am nauseous a lot because I need new glasses, I will need a hip replacement for the right hip that wakes me up every night, and I don’t sleep well. I’m often out of breath.So, after 3 months of care- I am no longer nauseous and do not need new glasses, I have zero pain in my hip, I breathe deeply and sleep all night! Really, Dr. Tony? Amazing! I feel 10 years younger and am less depressed about “all of those aches and pains” that I no longer have.I really can’t thank you enough, nor can I thank Emily. This was all just a warm and fuzzy experience.

Asthma & Allergies

I have felt a tremendous difference in my breathing when I am running and swimming!

Feeling Worthwhile Again

I was diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis, after two surgeries I was told I still needed my back done. My balance was so bad I needed a walker. I was also told I would never be 100%. I forgot to mention they said that both my shoulders needed replaced also. I just couldn’t take being cut again, so I turned to chiropractic with the help of Live Pure Chiropractic. And may I add the best decision I ever made. I am committed to seeing this through, I am still not stable but I went from a walker, to a cane and now nothing. And a special thank you to Dr. Tony at Live Pure Chiropractic, for making me feel worthwhile again.

Seizures & Developmental Delays

We originally sought care for our son with infantile seizures and developmental delays. Since starting care he has reduced the seizures to once per day and his development is improving more everyday!

Thank You So Much For Helping Me

I wanted to thank you for adjusting me and helping me improve my health. I think so much of you and find you one of the most unselfish and caring people. You have been instrumental in me developing a winning attitude. I continue to strive for self- improvement in God’s time. As I am back to teaching this year, I am able to give more of myself and it feels awesome. The gym was rocking today with positive energy. I am thinking more about others and less about myself. Yesterday different students told me “you are the man”, “relaxed boy”, and “You are the best teacher.”

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